Tuolumne Lobotomy Golf Discs

  • Tuolumne Lobotomy Golf Discs
  • Tuolumne Lobotomy Golf Discs
  • Tuolumne Lobotomy Golf Discs

Aviar X3, Champion 170-172
Do you often screw up your tee shots? Do you find yourself off the fairway with mild depression and slim chances of success? Are you embarrassed to tell your family just how much time you spend in the woods looking for your first throws? This is the disc for you. Once you locate your first terrible shot, look for any window of opportunity and throw this Aviar X3 like your life depends on it. The flat top gives you the option to throw it as hard as you want or lob it nice and gently towards the basket. You can count on a reliable hard fade at the end of your throw. Listen for the chains as you pick the leaves and branches out of your hair.

Teebird, Champion 173-175
Get serious. This mold is a classic for good reason. Buy one of these for your long straight shots, tight woods shenanigans, and ace runs to impress your card. Throw it hard enough and watch it glide like a ski jumper at the Olympics. We chose Champion plastic because that's what the Champions use. We also chose it to give you years of reliable flight paths.* This batch is pretty darn stable out of the box.

*We are not responsible for disc damage from multiple aces from 300 feet out.

Wraith, Star 173-175 (Orange and Pink plastics only)
Named after a creepy Scotish spirit, this disc will haunt your competitors. This run isn't terribly overstable which means you can throw as far as you want. Spend a few extra minutes in the gym on your throwing arm and you'll be dropping this disc out of sight, beyond the curvature of the Earth. Not flat, and not super domey, this disc is a great compliment to whatever other high-speed discs you are carrying and probably can't throw.

Random color and foil assortment, we may* be able to accommodate a disc color request.
*but maybe not.