Squatch Vortex - Golf Disc

$20.00 - $35.00
  • Squatch Vortex - Golf Disc

Our intergalactic squatch is on the run from those probing aliens! Grab him on your favorite Innova disc! See what our resident expert/bud Troy has to say about these molds:

Pro Aviar Yeti 170-172 or 173-175
Champion Wombat3 175-177 or 178-180
Champion Leopard 170-172 or 173-175
Star Mako 3 175-177 or 178-180

Pro Yeti Aviar: BIG BEAD PUTTER ALERT!!! Grab one of these Pro plastic discs when you need to rip a putter off a tee. Expect it to fly straight as an arrow or whatever other overused metaphor you prefer. This mold isn't as deep as some beaded putters and feels great out of your hand.

Champion Wombat3: THE DISC YOU MAYBE DIDN'T KNOW YOU NEEDED. This slightly understandable mid-range mold has more glide than you know how to throw. It seemingly never stops. Thrown hard, it will turn some, thrown on any angle, it will hold it forever. This disc is a great counterpoint to your stable mids.

Champion Leopard: AKA THE GATEWAY DISC, AKA THE WOODED FAIRWAY DEMON. This is a great 2nd or 3rd disc for new players. Lots of glide and enough turn to make it exciting for burgeoning rippers. Are you already throwing discs hard? Pick one of these up to hyzer-flip your way to greatness on your local technical course.

Star Mako3: 5, 5, 0, 0 But what does this mean? This is a disc that wants to go as straight and as far as you can throw it. Does it only go straight you ask? Nope. Challenge it with whatever angles you throw (Don't forget nose up for some glidey stall shots)! This is also the ideal disc to grab for your one-disc rounds. Start embarrassing your friends with their full bags today.